Teslatricity’s goal is to make cities, buildings, farms and houses smart and energy efficient.

Using TeslaSmarts artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) hardware architecture—combined with a unique, highly-efficient LED bulb design—Teslatricity has cracked the code on how to increase lighting energy efficiency while lowering cost in order to compete directly against fluorescent legacy technologies. To add further competitive differentiation and advantage, the company has developed a proprietary distributed manufacturing process called “fractal manufacturing” which enables the company to set up and scale facilities quickly at low cost anywhere in the world.


About Nikola Tesla


“Like Einstein he [Nikola Tesla] (was) an outsider and like Edison, a wide-ranging generalist.  Where others stopped short, aware of what could not be done, he continued.  The example set by Tesla has always been particularly inspiring to the lone runner”


Margaret Cheny, author of

Tesla, Man Out of Time


Никола Тесла (Nikola Tesla) is a Serbian American and is known as one of the greatest inventors of all humanity.


About Teslatricity

Teslatricity serves these industries


  • Commercial Buildings

  • Government (Federal, State & Municipalities)

  • Industrials including Distrubution Centers & Warehouses

  • Agricultural

  • Vertical Farms

  • Schools and Universities

  • Retail

  • Grocery

  • Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Hospitality (e.g. Resort Complexes)

LED Lighting manufacturer for government, commercial, residential

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