Teslaponics™ powered by TeslaSmarts™

Tesla GrowLight


  • Utilizes Teslatricity’s proprietary LED bulb design

  • Power (Watts or J/s): 212 Watts

  • Photon Output ( μmol/s) PPF: 700

  • Photon Efficiency ( μmol/J): 3.3

  • Tunable and Programmable Spectrum: (400nm–700 nm)

  • Warranty: 5 Years

  • Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC

  • Controls: TeslaSmarts™ Technology

  • Mounting: Varies

The Tesla GrownLight

Tesla GrowLight™ is the most intelligent and energy efficient grow light fixture in the world for vertical farming. Teslatricity’s proprietary, high-efficiency LED lighting systems, running at 190 Lumens per Watt (LPW), and integrated with Teslatricity’s artificial intelligence platform, TeslaSmarts, that offers a tunable light spectrum for any plant in the 400nm–700 nm range.


  • TeslaSmarts™: Programmable Growth Cycle using artificial intelligence.

  • Tuning / Dimming Control System

  • Communication System (Monitor via online, App)

  • Ambient Surroundings (Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality)

  • Camera (Monitoring of growth cycle)

  • TeslaSmarts (IoT) Module

  • Communication Module

  • Ambient Surroundings Module

  • Tesla GrowLight can grow any plant due to tunable spectrum capability

  • Camera Module

  • Tunning Optimization Module



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